Turnpike Service Auto Repair Vehicle Symptom Check List

Having a hard time explaining what's wrong with your vehicle? Click here to dowload our Vehicle Symptom Check List. Having an accurate picture of what your car is doing will help us save time and money in the diagnostic process. Bring this information to share with your service advisor on your next visit.

Turnpike Service Mechanic

Before You Stop By...Please Don't Forget

  • Schedule an Appointment- An appointment will reduce wait time and allow more time to address your concerns with our service advisor.
  • Remove Belongings- Remember phone, IPod, GPS, Palm chargers. As well as parking passes, garage door openers, E-Z Passes.
  • Keys - Please provide a set of keys along with wheel lock key if applicable.
  • Fuel - Please bring your vehicle with at least 1/4 tank of gas. We will operate the vehicle to be sure it's in proper working condition for your safety.

Turnpike Service